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Yttriated Tungsen Electrodes for sale

WY20 Yttrium tungsten electrode has excellent performance in welding high-strength titanium alloy bearing components, single or coarse-crystal materials, intermetallic compounds and metal composite materials used in jet engine high-temperature parts.
A. Products name: 聽WY20 Tungsten Electrodes
B.聽Dia: 0.5-50.00mm
C.聽.length: 150mm/175mm, Accept customer鈥檚 requirement/OEM
D.聽Products standard: 聽ISO6848
E.聽The tolerance: 聽+-0.05mm
F.聽Surface: 聽Ground finished
G.聽Color sign : Blue
WY20 Tungsten Electrodes Specification :
Electrodes NameDesignationOxide AdditiveContent %Impurities contentTungsten ContentColor Sign
聽Yttrium聽Tungsten ElectrodesWY20YO21.8-2.20<0.20BalanceBlue
Recommended WY20 Tungsten Electrodes for Various Welding Currents:
Diameter of Electrode聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽DC(A)AC(A)
聽聽聽聽In聽mmStraight Polarity (-)Reverse Polarity (+)Unbalanced WavesBalanced Waves

WY20 Yttrium tungsten electrode is mainly used in military industry and aviation and space industry.
Packing : 10pcs/Plastic box ,1000pcs/Carton box
Argon arc welding tungsten electrode welding introduction聽锛圱IG WELDING/GTAW WELDING锛?/strong>
Working principle: During welding, inert gas is emitted uniformly and continuously from the nozzle to reliably protect the welding area, and the heat of the arc generated between the electrode and the workpiece is used to melt the base metal and fill the metal to form a molten pool. Under the protection of inert gas, the molten pool is cooled and crystallized to form a weld. All inert gases can be used as protective gases, the most common being argon or helium. Tungsten electrodes are often used as non-melting electrodes, which are called argon tungsten or helium tungsten arc welding.
1.聽What are your company’s main strengths聽?
Re: 聽We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of tungsten electrodes and tungsten molybdenum products for 25 years, with rich experience, can provide customers with all-round guidance and advice!
Our company has a professional stable cooperation team, to provide professional services for guests!

2.聽What are your company’s core competencies聽??
Re: Our company exports to EU countries, the anti-dumping duty on tungsten electrode is 41%, other companies export to EU countries, the anti-dumping duty is 63.5%.
聽Yttriated Tungsen Electrodes for sale

25 Ноя 2022

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